Can You Paint Over a Water Stain?

water stain paintYou can’t hide the fact that the water stain on the wall or ceiling stands out like a sore thumb. Can you paint over water stains, or will the stain just show through the new paint? Find out the answer before scheduling your next interior painting project.

Painting Over Water Stains: Can It Be Done?

The short answer is yes. If done correctly, you can completely paint over the stain and prevent the stain from showing through. However, a water stain is a sign of a leak, which you need to address before attempting a paint job. If all you do is paint over the spot, water will continue to appear and create a fresh stain. A single rainy day will create the same blemish in the same general spot.

What to Do Before Painting Over the Water Stain

You need to call a roofer to locate the leak. The opening is not always at the same spot as the location of the stain. If the stain is near a window or door, then you might have worn caulking.

Water also creates fertile ground for the growth of mold. You can’t kill mold by painting over it. Some people suggest a spray of bleach will do the trick. However, if the mold outbreak is severe, you may have to replace the plaster or drywall. You don’t want to paint over the area only to find out later that you need to replace the wall.

We Paint Over Most Stains

JA Seekins Painting can paint over most stains for most interior and exterior painting projects. Our advice, however, is that you determine the cause of the stain. The home may have a deeper underlying issue that takes precedence over a paint renovation. Only paint over a water stain if you know the wall is fine.

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