Residential Painting and the Homeowner’s Association: What You Need to Know

Homeowner’s Association painting, HOA painting, HOA restrictionsDepending on your neighborhood, your home may be a part of a homeowner’s association (HOA). This comes with some perks, but you also lose some freedoms regarding what you can do with your property. We’ll explain general rules regarding the homeowner’s association and residential painting.

Homeowner’s Association Explained

Some homeowners are part of an HOA and don’t even realize it. Your property is probably part of a neighborhood HOA if you own a condo, a townhouse, or have a home located within a gated community.

Benefits of an HOA typically include access to a neighborhood pool, tennis court, golf course, and organized events. The HOA may also include a neighborhood watch, a community gardener, etc.

The Drawbacks of a Homeowner’s Association

HOAs normally impose rules and restrictions regarding property modifications. While renovations like interior painting are fine, you can’t remodel the exterior without written permission.

We have coordinated with dozens of HOAs over the years. Many have some sort of guideline in place regarding exterior painting. Some may limit the color options to a list of pre-approved neutrals. Some also require homeowners to hire an HOA-approved contractor for the paintjob.

Our advice? Always review the HOA’s by-laws and master deed. Violating a code can result in hefty fines. The HOA may also order you to restore the exterior to its original color. If you refuse to comply, the HOA can legally place a lien on your property. Essentially, the HOA will fine you into compliance.

If you insist on a certain paint color, you can submit a request for special approval.

We Paint Residences Per Homeowner’s Association Guidelines

You may not like your HOA’s guidelines, but rules are rules. Contact JA Seekins Painting to schedule an exterior painting renovation as summer winds down. Know the rules regarding the homeowner’s association and residential painting; don’t risk violating the rules.

Residential Painting Within Community Guidelines

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