Best Gray Roof Paint Color Complements

gray roof paint color complementGray is perhaps the most commonplace color for a residential roof. This is a safe and neutral hue that fits with just about any house type, contemporary or traditional. What are some paint colors that complement a gray roof? We’ll describe some colors so you’ll be able to make a wise decision when you plan to repaint the exterior of your home.


White paint pairs well with just about every other color. A white/gray combination is a simple yet classic look. If plain white feels a bit too bland, then consider other soft neutrals, such as beige or cream. Save the white for the trim.


Sunny yellow pairs nicely with a light gray. The same yellow with a darker gray also works if you’re willing to go with an edgier look. If you find this color too unconventional, then consider limiting it to the door accent.


Some grays have a green undertone and may actually appear green under sunlight. You can adopt a tone-on-tone color scheme by giving the siding a lighter green, such as light olive or sage. If the roof is solid gray, then consider a greenish gray for the walls.


Navy blue works well for smaller cape cod-style homes. This hue makes the unit appear more spacious and rooted to the ground. Go with marshmallow white for the trim for a tri-color scheme of gray, navy, and white.

Brick Tones

If you have a darker gray roof, then you can consider the color of brick, which ranges from light red to burgundy. This may even include a rich shade of orange.

We Use all Paint Colors for Complementing a Gray Roof

The colors we listed also work for interior paint touchups. These tips are just food for thought. Contact JA Seekins Painting if you’re planning an exterior remodel. We can use any paint color that will complement a gray roof.

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