Best Paint Colors for a Master Bedroom

master bedroom paint colorsThe main bedroom is your most private space. Whatever color you choose, it should reflect your own personality. Select a paint color for your master bedroom that puts your mind at ease or evokes inner calm. We’ll share a few ideas to help you in the selection process.

Black and white

Black and white is a trending kitchen color combination due to the popularity of tuxedo cabinets. You can use the same color scheme for the bedroom as well. This is simple and soothing at the same time.


Some homeowners find purple to be too unconventional for their taste. However, lavender is especially soothing, while a darker purple has an invigorating feel. The color is also associated with royalty, which is particularly fitting for a master bedroom.


Green creates an atmosphere that is both soothing and cool. People also naturally associate this color with nature. Our tip? Go with green if the bedroom already has elements of the outdoors, such as wooden or bamboo furniture.


Think long and hard before painting the bedroom walls red. The color stimulates the brain, which may not be a good thing when trying to turn in for the night. Studies even show seeing red can increase blood pressure. If you decide to use this color, we recommend limiting it to a single wall.


This color evokes bubbly and cheery warmth. If it’s too bright, however, it can also be overwhelming and have the same effect as red. Go with a lighter shade, so that it’s closer to a neutral palette.

We Use all Paint Colors for Master Bedrooms

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