The Truth About Touch-up Painting

touch-up paintingIs the paint on the wall beginning to fade or show its age? Some homeowners may do touch-up painting to restore the color to its original condition. Before you decide to embark on such a project, we must point out an inherent problem with touch-up painting.

What Is Touch-up Painting?

Touch-up painting refers to applying the exact same paint color and shade that was originally applied to a wall. More often than not, though, the color (once applied and dried) does not exactly match. This may be the case even if using an identical color from the same manufacturer. This may be so even if using the same leftover paint from the previous paint job. Homeowners have reported this for both interior and exterior paint touch-ups.

How can using the exact same color result in a small but noticeable difference?

What’s Going On?

One cause stems from the paint manufacturer. Over the years, paint makers change their formulas to improve quality or follow safety standards. In addition, the paint from the exact same tub may change over the years due to water and air exposure.

Paint wicking is another issue. This refers to the rate the pre-painted surface or paint itself absorbs moisture. This can affect the final touch-up.

Our tip? If you still have your old paint, you can bring a sample to the place of purchase. An assistant may be able to find a match out of the existing inventory. If not, then the only option may be to redo all four walls for a consistent effect.

We do Touch-up Painting

Due to the complex nature of paint, DIY touch-ups hardly ever produce matching colors. Call JA Seekins Painting for this type of renovation work. We’ll use a matching touch-up paint or redo every wall for a similar yet different appearance.

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