What’s the Best Room Painting Sequence for Your Home?

room painting sequenceAre you painting the entire home? This will be one heck of a spring project. With a whole-home interior painting, though, the process can take a few days. You will have to determine the best room painting sequence for your home. Going about this process randomly may cause undue inconvenience.

Ideal Room Painting Sequence for Your Home

1. Bedrooms and Bathrooms

We recommend painting the bedrooms and bathrooms first. Why? Because these rooms are your private spaces. Knock these rooms out of the way first. This way, you have access to your private rooms of retreat for the rest of the remodel.

2. Kitchen

You should also choose the kitchen as one of the first rooms. The sooner the kitchen is available again the sooner you can prepare meals instead of ordering takeout. Plus, the kitchen may also suffice as a study area if it has an island or dining table. This gives the kids a place for doing their schoolwork while the living room is off limits.

3. Living Room

By default, most homeowners select the living room as the first room to paint. However, this room will take the longest since it’s the largest.

4. All Other Rooms

Our advice is to paint non-essential rooms last. This includes utility spaces, spare rooms, entertainment spaces, mud rooms, etc.

What About Commercial Office Spaces?

We recommend a similar order for commercial painting renovations. Individual office rooms should go first. This is followed by the kitchen/break room, and then the main working floor. Rooms not in daily use (i.e. briefing room) can go last.

We Paint Rooms in Any Order

Ready for a home remodeling? Contact JA Seekins Painting to apply an all-new look to your home’s or business’ interior and exterior. The room painting sequence for the home is up to you, but we recommend a specific order to minimize inconvenience.

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