How to Use Black Paint for your Home Interior

black paintThe idea of pitch black paint gracing an interior home wall doesn’t seem too appealing for a lot of homeowners. However, we like to think otherwise. Black paint for a home interior actually works quite well provided you use it in the manner we outline.

Considerations When Using Black Paint for the Home Interior

Keep in mind that black paint absorbs light, making the room feel less bright. If black is going to be the main color, limit use to rooms with ample natural lighting. This is a nonissue, though, if you only plan to use black as an accent or trim color.

Black paint also tends to make rooms feel smaller, especially if used on the ceiling. This is why you should limit the color to rooms large enough to handle this effect. Good candidates for black wall-to-wall paint includes open living spaces that integrate the living room and kitchen into a single space.

Strategies for Using Black Paint

We believe black paint is best as an accent color. It’s great for drawing eyes in its direction. For interior painting, one tip is to use black for natural focal pieces, such as a wall with a mantel.

If you do choose to use black paint on all four walls, then we recommend some balance by using light-colored furniture. Consider white curtains and valences, or a light-beige sofa.

Finally, remember that black, like other colors, has various shades. Some have a deep blue overtone, while others have an earthy slate feel.

We Use Black Paint for Any Paint Renovations

Every now and then, we receive requests for black paint for both interior and exterior painting projects. Call JA Seekins Painting to schedule your next painting makeover. Black paint for home interiors is an atypical but more than reasonable choice for most home types.

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