The Best House Staging Paint Colors

house staging paint colorsHouse sellers seldom sell to the first buyer. More often than not, sellers spend a while speaking with dozens of potential buyers before successfully closing the deal. To expedite the process, we recommend certain paint colors for staging your house. This makes the interior more appealing for a showing.

The Best House Staging Paint Colors

First impressions matter, and peeling paint and faded wallpaper do not create positive impressions. We recommend a thorough interior painting. Don’t just use any color, though. Our tip is to stick to a neutral color for its broad appeal.

Some good choices include:

1. Lennox Tan

This is a warm tan color with a hint of Orange undertone. The color is a trend for contemporary houses and works wonders for large open spaces. This color also brings about a “woodsy” feeling.

2. Warm Soft Grey

This is a grey shade with a faint muddy green tone. This contrasts with other greys, which tend to have blue or purple undertones. This color complements nicely with espresso wooden flooring or cabinets.

3. Dior Grey

This is a purple-rich undertone grey and is as neutral as neutral gets. Despite being a bit overly conventional, it remains a homeowner favorite. Use this color for smaller rooms for a hint of glamor.

4. Brown Horse

This is a rich chocolatey color. It’s an inviting color with both masculine and feminine appeal. Aside from having a rich earthy feel, the hue also boosts the feeling of intimacy in master bedrooms.

We Do House Staging Painting

Are you selling your Bothell house? Raise its value with an interior or exterior painting from JA Seekins Painting. This will make the property more presentable to prospective buyers, thus shortening the timeframe the house is on the market. Certain paint colors for house staging will show the house in the best possible light.

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