Paint A Child’s Bedroom School Colors

school colors2018 is here! For your child, this means their two-week winter vacation has come to an end. To instill some enthusiasm and commemorate the New Year, why not consider painting your child’s bedroom with school colors? This is an excellent interior painting renovation if you have a child in elementary or middle school.

School Color Options

Most schools have two or three colors. Hopefully, these are fairly modest colors so their combinations will be agreeable in your youngster’s bedroom. You can apply the color combinations a number of ways. One strategy is to use one color for the walls and another for the trim. If one color is neutral and the other bold, then consider reserving the bold color for the designated accent wall.

If your child is a bit more ambitious, then consider applying the school colors in a stripe or paneled pattern. If going this route, our tip is to do this for just one wall, perhaps the wall behind the desk.

Bold School Colors

The school may have colors that just don’t work for a bedroom. An example may be a combination involving all or two of the colors purple, gold, and red. If you find these colors unusable, then just use them on a single piece of furniture, such as the dresser or cubby hole storage unit. This makes for a fun DIY painting project for kids. This way, your child can pay homage to the school without painting the entire bedroom in a weird color scheme.

We’ll Adorn Your Child’s Room in School Colors

With 2018 here, contact JA Seekins Painting to refresh your home. An exterior paint renovation is another idea if you’re looking for a switch-up in curb appeal. Painting with school colors is one way to encourage school spirit in your impressionable child.

School Colors for Youth Bedrooms

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