Paint Colors That Attract Insects

paint colors that attract insectsYou don’t see as many insects in the winter. Nevertheless, some species are prevalent year-round. Of course, some of the bugs are attracted to the plants and flowers on your lawn. Did you know, though, that paint colors also attract insects? The exterior paint colors of your walls may very well be drawing pests to your home.

Insects Are Attracted to These Paint Colors

Bugs are naturally drawn to bright colors. They are drawn to colorful flowers which are a primary food source. Walls and decks with bright colors, such as orange and yellow, may also attract unwanted bugs. Luckily, bright paint colors are atypical for exterior walls, so this is a nonissue for most homeowners. If pests are a common problem in your area, then we also suggest minimizing brightly colored décor.

What About Mosquitos?

Mosquitos are pest 2.0 and deserve their own category. Their eyes also see colors a bit differently than most other bugs. They actually see darker colors more easily, which is why you’re told to avoid dark clothing during summer outdoor outings. To keep mosquitos away from your home, eliminate water sources (e.g. fountains, leaky spouts) around the house and refrain from dark paints.

How About Birds?

Most homeowners actually want to attract birds. Like mosquitos, common Pacific Northwestern bird species, such as blue jays and warblers, are attracted to darker colors. To attract birds but not mosquitos, limit dark colors to specific décor items, such as birdhouses and birdfeeders.

Begin the New Year with a Renovation

Start 2018 with a makeover from JA Seekins Painting. If colors you like attract pests, then consider the colors for an interior painting work. These tips ensure you create a fresh and homely appearance without drawing pests. Paint colors that attract insects may invite unwanted visitors of the six to eight-legged variety.

Home Painting Renovations for 2018

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