Four Festive Holiday Color Schemes

holiday color schemesThis Christmas, why not partake in the festivities by adorning your walls with holiday paint color schemes? Naturally, people believe this will make the home look a bit “off” during the non-holiday months. However, holiday colors evoke warmth and cheeriness the rest of the year; they’re by no means exclusive to Christmas time.

Adorn Your Wall with These Christmas Colors

1. Blue, Green, and Silver

This color combination provides an airy atmosphere. Of course, using three colors in a single room may seem a bit much. Instead, use two of the three: one color for the accent wall and another for the other three walls. The third color can come from a décor item, such as the Christmas tree or curtains.

2. White and Brown

Use a mostly white backdrop with some brown for accent pieces or the crown moldings. All-white walls are great if you’re aiming for a minimalist design. Plus, it’s also terrific for creating a Winter Wonderland vibe, which you can enhance with a white Christmas tree. This scheme, by the way, is also suitable for exterior painting projects.

3. White and Blue

Our interior painters like this combination for coastal homes. It evokes the icy colors of late fall and early winter. You can use blue as the accent color or stick with all white and use blue-colored décor, such as blue glass vases and wine glasses.

4. Red, White, and Blue

These colors are suitable for the holidays just as they are for July. Our tip? Use blue as an accent, white as the main color, and reserve red for the décor, such as the stockings.

We Use Holiday Color Schemes in any Combination

Contact JA Seekins Painting to give your home a Christmas vibe. No worries when the holiday ends; the holiday color schemes will continue to elicit an inner sense of joy all year round.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Holiday Paint Colors for Residential Renovations

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