Consider “Vacation Paint Colors” for Your Next Renovation

vacation paint colorsIf only vacations could last forever. While the fun eventually comes to an end, you can bring some of those good vibes to your home with “vacation paint colors.” We’ll explain how you can incorporate this into any interior room painting scheme.

What Are Vacation Paint Colors?

Vacation colors are simply any colors that evoke the same sensation you feel at a favorite vacation spot. This could be an actual spot you visited once, or your idea of a dream vacation. Colors, after all, have a strong physiological and psychological effect. Many restaurants, for instance, have a red interior because the color is known to stimulate appetite.

If reminiscing about a past getaway makes you feel good, then our tip is to use a vacation color or two.

Common Vacation Colors

If you love coastal vacations, then we recommend light blue, which signifies the sky and sparkling water. You can also use white here as an accent color, which symbolizes white sand. This is a popular color combination even among homeowners who already live along the coast.

Perhaps you enjoy hiking in one of the Pacific Northwest’s many mountainous regions. In this case, we recommend a tone-on-tone color scheme of green with brown or blue as an accent. You can also incorporate rustic red and burnt orange, which represent common colors in the mountains during fall.

Maybe you prefer a desert oasis. Use earthy colors, such as that of terra cotta, bright red, and some sage greens. These are good color choices for the main living area, because they evoke a sense of being grounded.

We Use Vacation Paint Colors in Various Combinations

What is your favorite vacation or dream retreat? Let J A Seekins Painting know, and we’ll incorporate the corresponding color into the renovation. Keep in mind that vacation paint colors work for exterior painting projects as well.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Multiple Color Options and Combinations

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