Promote Good Study Habits with Paint

promote good study habitsSchool is back in session. This means your kids are now spending a good portion of time in their room hitting the books. Certain paint colors promote good study habits, which is why this may be a good time to renovate your child’s room.

Paint Colors for Focused Studying

Certain hues stimulate the brain, aiding in greater mental clarity. For starters, we recommend refraining from dark colors. These colors are ungrounded, making it difficult for the mind to stay focused on a single task.

Bright colors, on the other hand, stimulate the mind and amplify creative thinking. The specific color is not important, as long as it’s a lighter tone. This helps both children and adults maintain sharp concentration. Plain white and cream colors are good choices.

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint is a relatively new and trending option for interior painting renovations. This is paint infused with iron dust particles. This gives it magnetic properties, much like a refrigerator. With this, your kids can hang study notes, mathematical equations and formulas, or the classroom syllabus on the wall.

Chalkboard Paint

This is another popular paint type. This paint turns the walls into a chalkboard, giving children the entire space to jot down notes. Parents can also use the wall to organize fun learning sessions, such as spelling games and math marathons.

Our tip is to designate one wall as the chalkboard area. This area should be free of obstructions to allow maximum chalking space.

We’ll Renovate Your Child’s Room

Contact JA Seekins Painting to remodel your child’s room while the school year is still young. Now is also a good time for an exterior painting project due to the fair weather. Renovations don’t have to be purely aesthetic. In the case of a child’s bedroom, we recommend colors that promote good study habits.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Interior Painting for a Child’s Bedroom


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