Updating Homes With Paint Make Them Look New

Updating homes with paintCertain interior paint colors and combinations can make a room appear “behind the times.” The same holds true for other modes of décor, which we will cover. These styles are not necessarily a no-no, but the home designs are outdated, at least according to public consensus. So updating homes with paint would be worth considering.

4 Outdated Home Designs

1. Certain Wall Colors

We don’t like to “diss” any type of color, since every type of hue has its advantages. However, certain colors just don’t stand the test of time. This includes more unconventional colors, such as peach, mauve, and hunter green just to list a few examples. Sticking to neutrals is always a good choice since they never go out of style. Plus, neutrals make a room feel more spacious.

2. Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders may have made your home appear more elegant or sophisticated at one point. However, wallpaper borders have been out of style since the 1990s. Stick to a single color or wallpaper for an entire wall.

3. Sponge Walls

Sponge painting was a fad 20 years ago. This was a style of home painting using a sponge. This created a more dramatic finish. While we believe sponge walls are suitable for a children’s room and even some bathrooms, they just don’t hold the same charm and chic appearance they once did.

4. Wood-Stained Cabinets

Wood-stained cabinets really bring out that grainy texture in maple and oak cabinet doors. Homeowners nowadays, however, are gravitating more towards painted cabinets. Tuxedo-style cabinet colors, for instance, are currently a trend.

We’ll Keep Your Home Up to Date

We hope you found these tips useful. Ultimately, go with whatever style that resonates with you. This goes for both interior and exterior painting colors as well as other styling trends. Let JA Seekins Painting redo your interior if the existing home design feels outdated.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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