The Advantages of Dark Paint for Nurseries

Dark Paint for NurseriesNurseries don’t have to be either blue or pink. In fact, we believe a gender-neutral color is best. In this case, a dark paint color for a nursery suffices quite well. Our interior painters often recommend this for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

Why Dark Paint for Nurseries?

We prefer dark navy blue because it works for both genders. If you go with the traditional blue or pink, you’ll have to repaint the walls should you later have a second child of the opposite sex. Plus, with a gender-neutral color, you don’t have to wait until you know the baby’s gender to start the renovation. This gives you a big head start, especially if you and your spouse decide not to know the gender until the baby’s arrival.

Dark blue is also suitable for other types of rooms. You won’t have to repaint the room later down the line when the room is no longer a nursery.

For some parents, a darker color may seem a bit intimidating and strong for a nursery. However, once the project is complete, most new moms and dads are surprised to see that the color is surprisingly cozy and elegant.

Idea Paint for the Nursery

Idea paint for nurseries are beneficial for two reasons. It provides a doodling space once the baby reaches toddler age. Parents can also leave notes for one another or log the time of the last feeding or diaper change. Our tip? Consider idea paint to complement the accent wall or in lieu of it.

We Do Nurseries

Are you expecting? Call JA Seekins Painting to grace the nursery with a happy and cheery color. Our exterior painters can also enhance the outside of the home with a similar color. Dark paint for nurseries, by the way, are also suitable for daycares and maternity wards.
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