How to Deal with Nailhead Rusting

nailhead rustingBlemishes tend to appear not long after a DIY paint job. Nailhead rusting is one such common blemish that is especially prevalent in exterior painting. This often arises due to a poor paint job or to lack of knowledge regarding metal and corrosion.

What Is Nailhead Rusting?

Nailhead rusting is a corrosion stain that appears on the heads of iron nails. The rust can appear through the paint even on a primed surface. The corrosion stain may also spread to the wall. Click here for an image of what nailhead rusting looks like compared to nails that have been properly painted.

The Cause

Nailhead rusting occurs in both galvanized and non-galvanized nails. It can occur in galvanized nails due to excessive weathering or sanding. In non-galvanized nails, it may occur when the nails aren’t covered or countersunk. Nailhead rusting is especially common in areas like Bothell where humidity tends to be above the national average. Moisture plus iron equals rust.

How to Prevent It

Nailhead rusting is one of the many reasons we don’t recommend DIY painting for exterior, and even some interior, paint work. DIYers are often unaware of the extensive preparation that’s required to prevent problems; nailhead rusting is only one type of problem.

Prevention is a complex process requiring multiple steps. You also have to know whether the nails are galvanized or non-galvanized iron. Our advice is simple: leave the task to an expert. Professional methods vary and may include a combination of sanding, countersinking, using rust inhibitors, and even replacing the nails altogether.

Our Workmanship Keeps Rust at Bay

Let JA Seekins Painting tackle your next painting project. We know exactly what to do to prevent rusting, and we can also address walls with existing corrosion. Nailhead rust is a common issue that is preventable if you leave the task to a certified painter.

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