Popular Colors for a Front Door

front door colorsThe front door makes up a very small part of the home, yet it’s so visible. This is the perfect area to create some contrast. We recommend a color different than the walls, or a tone-on-tone color scheme at the very least. Our exterior painters list the popular colors for a front entry door. This list is based on a combination of customer demand and 2017 national trends.

Trending Door Colors—Our Top Picks


Brown is a good choice for doors with existing decorative details. It also complements nicely with non-contemporary homes, such as those with a Victorian architecture.


Black, or darker colors, such as navy blue, work well for homes with a red brick exterior or if the surrounding property is rich in masonry work.


We like to think of teal as a more contemporary version of navy blue. This makes it suitable for making a fashion-forward statement. We especially like teal for homes with a lighter blue-gray wall/siding. Teal is a double-plus if you also happen to live near the coast.


Red is a daring color. However, the color of crimson is rich in symbolism. To the Chinese, red symbolizes good fortune. In early America, it was a sign of a friendly pit-stop for travelers. If you believe in feng shui, a red door symbolizes a mouth that can draw in chi energy.

Bright Yellow

Like red, yellow is also a daring choice. We believe, however, that it’s an all-season color. In summer, yellow goes great with the greenery and flowers. In the winter, it brightens up that bleak season.

We’ll Paint Your Door and the Rest of the House

The above tips and suggestions are great as a standalone or part of a greater home renovation. Contact JA Seekins Painting to transform your front door and whole home. Our interior painters recommend colors for the front door that will complement the entirety of the property.

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