How to Care for a Paint Brush After Use

paint brush careOnly professionals should handle major interior and exterior painting renovations. With that in mind, though, we do encourage homeowners to try their hand at smaller projects. This may include painting that old wooden lawn chair or vintage dresser. Regardless of what you’re painting, the brush is just as important as the paint you use. Here are a few tips on how to care for your paint brushes to extend their longevity.

Paint Brush Care Tips

Wash your brush immediately after use

Never let a paint-soaked brush sit. This is especially so if using acrylic paint. Dry paint on a brush isn’t always easy to clean. You may even need to replace the brush altogether if you can’t completely rinse away the residual paint. When you’re completely done for the day, wash the brushes using shampoo. Scrub thoroughly until no traces of paint remain.

Don’t Neglect the Ferrule

The ferrule is the metal base below the bristles. Be sure to wash the area where the bristles and ferrule come together. Dried paint in this area will cause the upper part of the bristles to gradually spread apart.

Store Brushes Away Carefully

Never store brushes vertically with the tip facing down against a solid surface. This will bend the bristles out of shape, possibly permanently. Brushes should also not be stored in solvent. This causes the solvent to get inside the ferrule where it can eat away at the glue securing the bristles to the handle. Store brushes horizontally or vertically with the bristles facing up.

We’ll Tackle High-End Renovations

We hope you found these tips helpful. Remember, though: limit DIY painting projects to furniture and smaller items. Leave high-scale projects to JA Seekins Painting. We take great care of our paint brushes and rollers because they have an enormous impact on the finishing results.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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