Should You Paint Over Thermofoil Cabinet Doors?

Painting Thermofoil CabinetsLike painted walls, painted kitchen cabinet doors will eventually begin to wear and fade. Cabinet doors, though, require special attention, especially if they’re made from thermofoil. Painting thermofoil cabinet doors is generally not recommended. It’s not that it cannot be done; they’re absolutely paintable. It just needs to be done by a professional interior painter.

What is Thermofoil?

Thermofoil, also known as melamine, is a form of plastic made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) substrate. Many cabinet doors currently in use are made from thermofoil because they’re inexpensive to produce, which makes them more affordable for homeowners. The surface can also be painted to simulate the look of wood.

Painting Complications

Thermofoil can be painted; it’s just not recommended as a DIY job. Due to the surface quality of thermofoil, very intricate preparation procedures are necessary. The surface needs to be cleaned to remove moisture and oil. It also needs to be sanded, but it has to be done carefully. Sanding too lightly will not create a suitable surface for the paint to stick to. Sand too roughly, and you risk scratching the door.

The surface also needs to be primed, though the primer requires a special formula suitable for thermofoil application. When the painting begins, two to three coats are required, with an application of polyurethane varnish between coats. The paint itself also has to be suitable for thermofoil application. Chalk paint is best, though some forms of latex paint will work as well.

We’ll Paint Your Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

As you can see, the painting process is different than painting a conventional wall. You can give it a shot, but we highly recommend you call JA Seekins Painting. Our painters routinely tackle interior and exterior painting projects and provide helpful tips. We know how to paint over thermofoil cabinet doors and ensure the finished quality lasts for years.

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