Tips on Painting the Crown Molding

Crown Molding Painting │ Bothell │ JA Seekins PaintingThe crown molding is no minor addition to the home interior. The trim’s very presence affects the impression of the room’s size. Painting the crown molding also adds depth and brings personality to the room. Here’s some advice on color selection for when you decide to paint this part of the interior décor.

Color Recommendations

Our interior painters have painted countless crown moldings for homes all over Bothell. Here’s their recommendation based on years of experience: choose a different color than the color of the ceiling and walls. When the molding color is the same, the ceiling seems heavier, and the crown molding itself appears less significant. This is the opposite of what most homeowners want. They want the crown molding to be a focal piece; otherwise, they wouldn’t have installed it in the first place.

The exception to this rule is if the ceiling is fairly low. Since the crown molding draws the eyes upward, a contrasting color will make the ceiling appear even lower.

If the home contains other trims, such as those around the doors and windows, we recommend that you paint them all the same color. This creates a cohesive room environment.

With respects to color coordination, we usually recommend an analogous color. Whatever the color of the walls, use a lighter hue that is next to that in the color wheel. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more noticeable contrast, then opt for a complementary color. That is, a color on the opposite end of the color wheel.

We’ll Paint Your Crown Molding (and Rest of the House)

Contact JA Seekins Painting for other tips on how to renovate your home from a color perspective. Our exterior painters are available when you need similar work done for the property’s exterior. By painting the crown molding, you’ll have a décor accent that really complements the interior as a whole.

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