Color Ideas for Painting a Closet

Closet PaintingPainting the closet isn’t something a lot of people consider. In fact, it seems unnecessary, given that the space is almost always out of sight. Nevertheless, the closet is still a room in its own right and one we use every day when reaching for or putting away a garment. The closet deserves its own room characteristics, and a new color will give it just that.

Color Guide for Closet Painting

Our interior painters recommend using a neutral color; this helps complement the clothing and makes your wardrobe the focal point of the room. If you opt for an accent color, such as teal, it will create an unflattering contrast with the clothing. Stick to a light, neutral palette; gray or beige should do the trick. In addition, light neutrals also reflect light more efficiently. This helps you see inside when you need to reach in to retrieve an item.

Don’t Forget the Finish

Selecting the right finish is just as important as the right color. Closet walls are more prone to scuffs because items you constantly remove and replace items. For this reason, it’s best to use a satin finish paint, which doesn’t show scuffs and streaks as easily as flat, matte, or semi-gloss.

Closet Painting Should Be Done by a Professional

Painting a closet seems like a fairly simple task since it’s such a small room. For this reason it’s even more important to bring in a professional like JA Seekins Painting. Unlike exterior painting, the small and enclosed space means less ventilation, thus creating a safety hazard from paint fumes.

We’ll give your closet an appropriate paint job. You can also follow these additional tips for other areas of your home. Give us a call to paint your closet and breathe life into a room that is all too often taken for granted.
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