The Truth About “Permanent” Paint

Permanent PaintYou may have heard of so-called “permanent” paint from paint manufacturers and even some exterior painting services. As suggested in its name, permanent paint is supposed to last a lifetime once applied. Is there really such a thing, though, as paint that maintains its surface quality forever?

Permanent Paint isn’t so Permanent

Here’s the plain truth: there is no such thing as paint that lasts forever. Sure, thanks to new paint additives, there’s paint that will last longer than normal. However, even the highest-quality paint applied by a professional painter will typically require a new coat every five to seven years. No paint is 100% resistant against the constant exposure of sunrays, humidity, and other weather elements. Even interior paint is not permanent, though it may last several years longer.

Other Reasons Paint Begins to Wear

There are various other reasons that cause paint to wear. One prominent factor is the existing condition of the wall. If the surface has been painted over on numerous occasions over the years, then even a new coat of “permanent” paint will wear prematurely if the surface was not adequately stripped and prepped. We’ve worked on many homes where the supposedly permanent paint was peeling due to the underlying, older paint beneath giving out.

What About the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Of course, permanent paint often comes with a lifetime warranty to back up its claim. If you read the fine print, however, you will see that the warranty doesn’t cover an “application mistake.” The manufacturer rarely makes good on its warranty because just about any paint failure will always be, in its eyes, an application mistake.

We’ll Make Sure the Paint Lasts a Long Time


No professional painters worth their salt will tell you that a house only needs to be painted once. With that in mind, contact JA Seekins Painting for tips on your next home renovation project. We’ll use the highest quality paint and application to ensure long-lasting – but not permanent – results. The simple truth is, there is no such thing as permanent paint that lasts forever.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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